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Position/Messaging Blueprint
Creating the Proposition

The Document allows the team to rally the troops around the strategy as it makes its way off the white board and into go-to-market programs.

Management and product marketing teams invest significant time and resources to formulate their strategy. Unfortunately, they often lack the bandwidth to distill it into a well-scripted proposition.

Market Engage offers productive messaging workshops that provide the team with the substance and structure to create a Position/Messaging Blueprint.

This is a formal communications document that contains the position statement, support messages and evidence required to substantiate the proposition.

Position/Messaging Playbook
Packaging the Proposition

The Playbook allows the team to accelerate education efforts, while ensuring a high level of consistency as the strategy is re-purposed across a multitude of documents targeting different audiences.

Once the strategy is formulated, writers and other creative professionals need to develop extensive collateral materials to support the launch, but they don’t always have the time or resources to get up to speed on the strategy.

Market Engage provides a Position/Messaging Playbook, a quick-start material development kit. It delivers a streamlined and consistent process for packaging the proposition in high impact materials.

This includes templates for analyst and customer presentations, boiler plates, white papers, web pages and press releases.

Spokesperson Preparation Workshop

Delivering the Proposition

The Workshop provides the team with the confidence and skills to create a powerful community of advocates who have the ability to influence target customers.

Once the messages and materials are completed, spokespeople need to build support for the strategy among employees, partners, existing customers, opionion leaders and journalists. Spokespeople recognize the importance of being prepared for meetings with people who have a direct influence on their market position.

Market Engage offers a customized spokesperson preparation workshop, the definitive content rehearsal for announcing a new strategy.

It is designed around a unique methodology called the Placement Principle. It provides spokespeople with greater control and consistency in communicating a compelling proposition — with a unified voice.

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